Super Kart

Elise Bloomstine
Super Kart Super Kart is the answer for the people who always wanted to play Mario Kart in real life. Our business will be producing electric go karts that are equipped with sensors and a computer. These new carts will enable racers to experience the thrill of winning an actual go kart race, blasting away their opponents with power ups, and flying ahead of the competition with a speed boost. This will all be possible because of a computer system connecting all the carts. With movable sensor pads you can place around the track, go karts that communicate, and a base computer managing the race outside of the track, Super Kart enables racers to actually strategize in order to come out on top. This product will truly reinvent go karting. Reinventing go karting is the perfect solution to provide outside fun to people of all ages. Normal go karts are very boring, and they don’t get a lot of business nowadays. Introducing the “gamified” version of go karting will make people come see how it has gotten better. Most people want there to be more of a challenge with normal go karting, and with our product there will always be a 1st place and last place. This will satisfy a lot of people’s competitive lifestyle. Everyone loves a unique outside activity. Join us in making this idea come to life. Being able to harness this game into real life will make the experience worthwhile. Do you have what it takes to challenge players on the track? Do you have the skills to strategize and compete to be number one? If you have what it takes, start your engines and let the race begin!
Ohio University
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