Home For Puppies

Pako Gaofiwe
Andy Batlhophi
Home For Puppies is a sales company focusing particularly of the sale of puppies. Our business is affiliated to a network of dog owners around the country who constantly update on the availability puppies. Our network consists of dog breeders and home owners who have puppies and would like to sell them. Upon understanding this business landscape, we have realized that people within the various communities do not find puppies in the time they are looking for them because they may be sold out. Home For Puppies therefore adds the aspect of retail within the dog sale supply chain, so as to connect owners of puppies to those who seek to buy them. We have therefore ventured into the online marketing business. Because of our access to dog lovers across the nation, companies within the pet industry are most willing to work with us. Veterinarians, dog trainers and stores selling dog food need our network to continue growing their businesses.
University of Botswana
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