The Jade Elephant

Nia Rutherford
The Jade Elephant was created to combat the normalcy of traumatic events in the news with informational and positive news benefiting everyone. This business will run as an interactive website, where we partner with multiple news stations to broadcast articles and news stories catered to our overall message. Additionally, we will hire writers and editors to publish our own articles of inspirational stories that we also see in our everyday lives. Within the website we will sell apparel with our logo in order to stream up revenue alongside the subscription prices which will occur monthly. Apparel will also be an advertisement for the business that we are creating- turning it into a movement. Alongside a website, we will produce an app for people on the go. Though this app does require a fee, The Jade Elephant will have notifications sent directly to the consumer’s phone making it convenient and accessible. In relation to partnerships, we will also partner with companies for advertisements on the website and app to acquire revenue as well as business relationships. Ultimately, The Jade Elephant hopes to bring positivity in terms of positive business relations as well as positive informative messages to all of society. We hope to become a movement and an inspiration for others to follow.
Howard University
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