Money Track

Syrine Bassi
Sirine Haj Taieb
Zeynab Fattullayeva
Maté Mogyorosi
Money Track is a project idea developed by four young business students at the University of Pécs, Hungary. The idea consists of a mobile application dedicated to students who want to manage and save their money according to their objectives. In order to benefit from the platform, you need to insert your objective, deadline to reach it and your budget. The application will allow users to access deals from Inter Spar and discounts from local businesses in Pécs. They will also receive funny notifications to keep them on track. Through the application, users can check their expenses and compare them to previous months. The application has an algorithm that will calculate how much money users need to save taking into consideration their budget, their objective and when they want to reach it.
University of Pécs
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