Morgan Medors
Marshall Hatch
Micheal Johnson
Hunter Yeargan
Rent-A-Pet is an idea that we can platform to individuals who need some tender loving care in their lives, whether that be for a short time or for a lifetime. Being college students, the founders started on a discussion amongst themselves about missing our pets while away from home. Our idea is to target individuals who miss their pet and create a business that partners with local pet shelters surrounding different communities and campuses. Ultimately we would create the possibility for an individual to rent a pet for a day or an hour, which is something no other businesses are doing. This can both benefit the shelter and the individual or family to connect strongly with the animal and possibly decide to adopt - helping both the human and even more so, the pet! Rent-A-Pet plans to make a profit from rental fees. The adoption fees will stay going to the local animal shelter the pet was adopted from in order to contribute to the surrounding community in hopes to avoid money leakage.
Ohio University
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