Dajana Matijević
Mateja Križnjak
RiTus is a simple app that has all the information that a student living and studying in Rijeka needs in one place. Students that are not from Rijeka have a big problem when they move here. They have trouble finding the right bus stop, building or classroom, not to mention a struggle of finding a doctor or a pharmacy. Finding a place to live or a roommate and a way to pay for everything puts additional stress on a student. Needed information is scarce and scattered. Some information is old and incorrect, some is incomplete, and some is posted too late if it’s even posted. RiTus is a place where can be found a map with locations of all important places, doctors, pharmacies, bus stations, faculty buildings, shops and bus routes; a place to live, a roommate or a dorm accommodation; available student jobs and internships; cash balance on a student card, places to eat and accompanied menus; scholarships; events, happenings, amusement activities; student associations, organizations and clubs, and also sports clubs; student discounts and student travels; general information about each faculty and department at the university. All information in one place and is regularly updated at a timely fashion. If a student has a student identification he would be able to access information regarding his faculty available only to students of that faculty, like schedules, exam dates and building plans. RiTus is meant for students at University of Rijeka whom are not from Rijeka, Croatian and foreign students, exchange students alike. RiTus would also eliminate the need to print out brochures, which would make us and the university more environmentally-conscious and eco-friendly.
University of Rijeka
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