Robert V Vera
Khan-vy Tran
Michael Ballentine
Jem Garcia
Our idea is to create a platform for incoming college students trying to find an ideal roommate in a more convenient way, becoming the new mixture of and facebook. Our service will help students find like-minded roommates, dorm room reviews, and other data collected by previous and current students. Our skills include creativity, team work, and personal interest in finding an easier way to find a good roommate. We have all had bad experiences in the past and stayed in some of the worst dorms on campus. Our problems we have encountered could have been avoided if we had a simpler way to find better information that our app will provide. We have accumulated years of personal knowledge on our campus through a students point of view so we are able to give more accurate and personal data. Through our app we will help hundreds maybe thousands of students find the best roommate they can find and have the most current and up to date information on the best dorms, locations, and other student reviews. This app can even be used in the future at other campuses through social media networking with other schools. We would create surveys to find out student knowledge from virtually any campus. It will be easily accessible on either a phone or laptop and be simple to use. Some benefits to the consumer would include easy access to inside knowledge, and not having to scroll through hundreds of facebook profiles trying to find an ideal roommate. When creating your profile you will answer questions pertaining to social life, study habits, preferred living arrangements, music preferences, major, and other relevant information. We will then start finding similar matches and give you the option to contact potential roommates. You will be able to ‘like’ someone’s profile if you think they could be a potential roommate and if the other person likes you back you will be matched, similar to popular dating apps like Tinder. After being matched you can access each others social media links and get to know each other. Other features of the app will include a map of all the residence halls on campus along with reviews and photos from students who are currently living there or have previously lived there in recent years. The app will be free and simply made to benefit the incoming college student experience here at OU. Our potential profit stream from this app would be advertisement revenue from companies to have direct connections to a target demographic of young adults from 18-22 years old. As a place for students to leave reviews of the local businesses this could also be a place for the local businesses to reach out to the new incoming students. With the problems we have all suffered from roommates that didn’t work out to not knowing the area as young incoming students in a new unknown area we have created a platform where students can find their ideal roommate and the most popular places in the area. This database will be the work of students for students it will give the students an uninhibited platform to give their honest feedback and experiences unlike other sites.
Ohio University
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