Segomotso machola
Kutlwelo Leaname
An online fashion design store that allows us to collaborate with our users to create the best outfits for them. Our website has two features 1. Design it yourself and 2. Outfits for hire FEATURES 1. DESIGN IT YOURSELF HOW IT WORKS, our users send pictures, sketches or any other form of media that describes their desired outfit, we make a sample of the design and send it to the user for confirmation, after payment of agreed price the final product is delivered to the end user, we receive pictures as feedback on our blog. 2. OUTFITS FOR HIRE Users log into our website and browse through our catalog of different outfits for different occasions, pick outfit, make payment through stated payment methods and have the outfit delivered at stated time. Our products are delivered after 4 hours depending on location and time of purchase
University of Botswana
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