Traveling Tails Vacation Pet Boarding

Samuel Peyton Walters, Haley Young, Tyler Schwendeman, Jake Curran, Anthony Tabasso
We are able to offer clean, high tech, and easy-to-use boarding facilities for traveling pet owners (cat/dogs) who want to bring their pet along and leave them in capable hands. We offer high end appliances, options for communal or individual yard space depending on animals temperament, optional training and grooming services. It will be complete with video cameras, trained and qualified employees, and personalized care. Pet Palace allows people to bring their pets with them while traveling in the most comfortable and convenient way possible. Traveling Tails has set out to offer accommodating and comfortable arrangements for people who want to bring their pets along while traveling and going on vacation. We seek to create the “Taj Mahal” of pet boarding facilities. Our Target Market is highly populated tourist areas with people who don't want to leave their pets at home. Many existing companies struggle to deliver the bare minimum when it comes to caring for others pets. Many people don't want to use dirty and traumatizing boarding companies that already exist. We will deliver higher quality services compared to the current facilities in quality and features. We strive to offer a higher quality experience for travelers and their pets. A crucial partner for “Traveling Tails” is hotels. Our services would allow a hotel to offer “pet-friendly” facilities to board a customer’s dog. An additional service that would allow us to gain business is the training and grooming options- they don’t have to board with us to come in and use these services and pay for them separately. This adds extra service revenue for our business. Our service model would take off if we partnered with a major Hotel company like “Hilton” or “Holiday Inn”. Gaining an exclusive deal with these major hotel chains would make the competition very scarce and allow a stronghold of the market. This would allow Traveling Tails to franchise facilities. This would allow for the exponential growth of the company. A higher-quality experience will cost more money for the consumer, this is why we would pair best with high-end hotels. Most people on vacation are able to spend more money. Pet owners treat their pets as family and will find value in the extra steps we take to keep their family comfortable.
Ohio University
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