Urban News Media & Entertainment Streaming Service

Shayla Farrow
My business idea is to own and operate a streaming service for Urban News Media and Entertainment (UNME) that will allow me to make enough profits to expand to radio and television platforms. The goal of UNME is to provide quality content and factual programming oriented towards diverse portrayals of African Americans. The network also seeks to celebrate the unseen portrayals of African Americans with shows that give our viewers new interpretations of what it means to be African-American. Viewers will be exposed to news/politics and other content that highlights black love, businesses, social issues, and God/spirituality This platform is needed because there are no other services like it. Networks like BET, OWN, TV One, etc do not offer news, talk shows, original content and classics we all love in one place. The audience is intended to be African American millennials and generation Z.
Howard University
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