About the Competition

About the International Video Pitch Competition

University of Pécs and Ohio University has launched the International Video Pitch Competition (IVP) in 2013 to allow student in the two ecosystems to interact with each other and to receive valuable feedback on their entrepreneurial initiatives from an internationally diverse group of experts.

In this year we have six international HEIs participating in the competition that disseminate the opportunity among their students, assign experts to be the member of the international judging panel. For more information about the partnership, please view the Partners page.

Students in the framework of the competition have to create a 2 minute video of their idea and have to prepare a one-pager that shortly describes the business model of their idea. Firstly students have to create an account on our website, ivpitch.pte.hu and apply to the competiton with a 2 minutes video and a one-pager. We hope that everyone is preparing to pitch their innovative business ideas.  For more information about applying, click here.

The International Video Pitch Competition (IVP) gives students the opportunity to communicate their ideas across the world in two minute.